Sunday, March 30, 2014

Should I stay or should I go ...

After years of working on access for all groups, esp. women, it is also worth noting the issue of retention in the tech industry, reminded of this issue by this article.  I suppose knowledge of the issue is the first step.

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Arta Szathmary said...

Very interesting post. This goes along with the Lean IN type of thinking. Actually, that is one of reasons Education worked for me. My hubby of 44 years and I have 4 wonderful kids. If I had worked in corporate world, they would have been raised by a nanny.

I graduated from Rider University in Business Education, and am certified for 99 years in Pennsylvania for Business Education with a specialization in Data Processing!

I retired after 5 years at Upper Bucks Votech and 28 years at Bucks County Community College.

I have been blessed. Our children have each met and married a wonderful person, and we have 9 of the best grandchildren ever born.

I guess my point is that we make decisions that will have impact years later. The ripple effect.

Flexibility is important, but with the explosion of the internet, one would think that we should be past all of the diversity problems.

At least I wish we were!