Sunday, March 1, 2009

... onto SIGCSE 2009

Well, it's now officially been a year (actually just less :-) since SIGCSE 2008, and I am hopeful that the NE weather will cooperate so I can attend SIGCSE 2009 this coming week -- I am assuming that the steering committee people are already en route if not already there.

SIGCSE 2009 has a neat theme/play on words, "engaging CS education" which is always a goal(s) -- I also hope that diversity and accessibility are included in there too, and hope discussions continue in that vein as well.

Finally, a quick look at how assistive technologies can be made that help all students, not just the ones with disabilities (the term I mentally substitute as I read their story every time I see the phrase "disabled") -- accessibility is one of the main reasons I support courses with online materials (as well as backup when people lose paper or files) -- see you in Chattanooga! -- JD

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